Your Brand Name – The Key to Your Internet Marketing Strategy


You could do a lot of things, and plan a lot of things for your Internet marketing strategy, and yet, you may have gotten it all wrong. Here is a bit of advice – Your golden egg to getting buzz on the Internet is through your brand name. Online visibility is very important today. Most customers gauge a brand through its online presence and therefore, a good online presence translates to credibility.

According to Inc42:

“Effective online marketing is all about creating a reputation on the World Wide Web, which is so high that you get inside your consumers mind and become the sole providers of the solution for his problems. Now, this World Wide Web is wide enough to get lost into! So the ultimate goal is to build such a brand name, which stands apart from the crowd and is highly recognisable, authentic and relatable.”

To develop a brand name, you need to begin by identifying the vision of your consumer. The consumer must relate this name to reliability and it must align with their values. Your brand name must ride well with the target market. For instance, your brand must make your target market choose you over a competitor, and also make you the “talk of the town.”

Let’s look at some tips that can help you on your way to choose the right brand name:

Choose a Great Brand Name

Simple. Unique. Concise. Why? Most consumers begin a Google search by entering the brand name in the search box. Remember to choose a brand name that is not more than three words. Your brand name must define your business values and must convey the vision of your company.

Your Visual Connect – Your Logo

Your logo is the face of your brand. People connect a telling image to a brand name very well. A logo will help your company stand out in the crowded marketplace and leaves a distinct but lasting effect in your consumers’ mind.

Tagline – Find Your Ideal Punch Line

A tagline will help you connect to your target audience at an emotional level. Something on the same lines as having a logo, your tagline needs to be short, yet catchy and if possible viral!

Leverage What Social Media Can Offer You

Social media can help build brand identity like no other. According to Inc42:

“It [social media] enhances the visibility of your brand name and promotes recognition and brand loyalty. Furthermore, it helps in building higher traffic on the website which will translate into more customers.”

A brand is more than just a name. People wear brands, eat brands, discuss brands and so creating a brand image is the most important factor that you will need to consider before you create a market for your company’s offerings.

Create a Presence Everywhere

Your brand name needs to be omnipresent. You got to put it on the map with everything associated with your company, including your social media campaigns and just about anywhere you can think of. The idea is people should begin to recognize you by just your logo color or your tagline.

Inc42 also says:

“Besides building popularity, it will also give some protection to your brand name. The more people associate a name with your business and/or your goods and services, the more the courts will recognise that you have legal rights to it, and punish infringers.”

Trademark is the Way

In the end, don’t forget your brand is everything. It is the most recognizable sign that everything your company sells or publicizes will wear. Safeguard it and keep it safe. Get a trademark!

Your brand is everything. It is your company’s identity and its voice. Most importantly, when a brand is born it is alive. Invest in creating the right brand image, before you go on to building your Internet marking plans around it.

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