Internet Marketing Trends that are Taking 2016 by Storm

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There is a lot happening on the Internet. This $1.59 trillion a year industry is one of the best places where businesses can showcase their presence in the market. But before you go about dreaming of the big bucks, it is important to know the right Internet marketing campaigns for your business. Choosing the right marketing campaigns requires a good understanding of the current marketing trends.

A report released by Rakuten Marketing has listed the key trends that will impact Internet marketing throughout 2016.

Trend 1 – Social Messaging

Social messaging apps are said to drive this trend. So how does this work? The theory is to engage customers through social messaging. The best way to achieve this is to harness the power of mobile phones. Businesses can connect with customers using mobile apps.

Trend 2 – The Mobile Web

The mobile web has gained immense popularity. As mobile is being extensively used, there has been significant expansion in the use of mobile web. This is because customers do not always want to use mobile apps. Google approves of businesses that additionally showcase their capabilities through mobile web.

Trend3 – The IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be big in 2016. Collaboration is key here and businesses that use this feature will gain plenty of traction. This will provide customers with better customer service and an enhanced user experience.

According to,

“The increase in opportunity to market on the internet will also lead to an increase in tools that will help internet marketers increase their productivity.”

For instance, if you buy buttons to add connectivity to social apps such as Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, businesses will be able to enhance user experience and user engagement.

However, went on to add,

“Old-school techniques are still a good way to keep users engaged as in the case of blogs, so it’s a good idea not to throw out those old school Internet marketing techniques yet.”

That’s good to know! These new trends allow better user engagement, but lets not forget how we began with social marketing. There was a time when blogs represented the cog that allowed the smooth collective working with other social media channels. The importance of blogging in social marketing cannot be written off just yet. We are all moving to a world where social media marketing will become a mainstream marketing channel and video marketing will follow suit. Businesses will move away from streaming advertisements and other consumer videos on TV’s and soon a major chunk of the consumer videos will be streamed online.

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