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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, which is also referred to as e-marketing, online advertising or online advertisement, entails the promotion/marketing of products/services using the internet. It uses the World Wide Web to create awareness of a given product/service to the target customers. There are different techniques involved in internet marketing; for example email marketing, online video advertising, social network advertising and search engine marketing. Here is a description of some of these techniques used in internet marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

It involves techniques used by organizations to improve their rankings in search engines results’ pages through the use of unique keyword phrases. Normally, the organizations will research and analyze results from previous searches and design an appropriate and effective keyword to use to promote their website. It also involves the rewriting of website’s content in order to improve the ranking in the search engine results; and this is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can be done with the use of local SEO that markets an organization through its geographical location. Anytime people search for the geographical region in which the organization is, they find out about the presence of the said corporation. Therefore, it captures customers within the immediate region of its location. In the same way, off page and on page search engine optimization techniques are also used. For instance, the preferred keyword’s density may be ideal at the website’s home page, while others create back-links in third party websites. SEO techniques typically generate better organic presence in the search engine results.

Pay Per Click

Generally, successful and popular businesses sell marketing spaces within their sites to willing purchasers who have pertinent keywords that are associated to such sites. Nevertheless, advertisers only pay for impressions leading to visitors. Nonetheless, PPC is also effective in improving an organization’s search engine rankings, creating brand awareness, boosting revenue as well as attaining a market share through customers’ mobilization.

Social Media Marketing

Social websites have become popular and favorable platforms to conduct marketing. It utilizes the ‘word of mouth’ concept whose outcome is an earned media rather than a paid media. It entails getting a product/service known by utilizing social websites. As the users communicate with each other, they spread the information about the service or product. The benefit is that the information about the said service or product is spread quickly and much more successfully.

Video Marketing

Online videos are also being used these days to create awareness and inform people about different services and products. On-line videos have become a popular way of online marketing particularly because they are more likely to get ranking than text pages, according to SEO experts.

Paid Inclusion Search Engine Marketing

It’s a strategy used by search engines whereby they allow businesses to purchase a space within their search results from where they can promote their products/services. Typically, willing organizations buy space in websites with specific keywords, mostly associated with their products/services. Ultimately, the popularity of the product/service improves with the sites’ popularity; therefore, the products/services are associated with popular searches.

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