How To Earn More From Google’s Adsense

In 2003, Google bought the adsense ad platform and has turned it into a mega-successful business. AdSense is nothing but an online advertising platform that has been designed by Google to generate revenue for itself and its publishers for every click they get. So if you engage in adsense on your site, the question is how can you earn the maximum amount from it?

You have to apply for an adsense account, but it’s free to do that. You display ads on your site by placing a code you receive in the html for your site. Of course the money generated by click-thru’s will be split between you and Google (they get more than you). Making a lot of money from adsense is possible, but be prepared to take some time and hard work to get there. Ok, now we’ll move along and discuss a few ways to better harness the income potential from using adsense on your site. Suppose your site is about Magic Submitter, you’ll be able to test your Google Adsense and see ads for that exact topic, giving you a clear picture of what to expect.

First, there are a number of things to consider, but just know that how well your ads both stand-out and blend-in will determine just about everything. Your ads always need to be seen, not a joke, so ensure that even on smaller resolutions (monitor screen sizes) your ads are visible.

Blending your ads in the content is important but at the same time your ads should be able to catch the attention of a surfer. So it’s a really simple thing to do so you avoid not getting anything for your efforts. According to Google, they don’t want their ads to be too close to images and other objects. This includes proper level of cell padding and as well as spacing to separate the ads from the content. Believe it or not, but how much you earn will also be determined by where you put your Adsense ad blocks on your site. Years of marketing feedback confirm that, for most adsense marketers, the dimensions 250 x 250 or 336 x 280 for ad blocks consistently give the most profitable results. Make sure you use this ad block on the top or above the fold of your web page, since this is the area that receives the highest amount of clicks, which means more money in your pocket.  However, it’s safe to promote sites on topics like Magic Submitter Review, since they do not go against Google’s terms, which means your account will be completely safe.

You’ll be able to choose from four different colors for your adsense ad blocks. So the best thing to do is test on your pages and see which converts the best for you. This usually applies to blogs, forums, etc.

Adsense has grown into the biggest and most well known contextual advertising method over the years. Putting adsense on your site will enhance its value should you ever decide to sell it. Adsense can make you money in absolutely any niche; for instance if you’re targeting magic spinner, you can expect to see relevant ads on this exact topic, which means you can setup Adsense any site you want, as long as it’s ethical.

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