How To Become An Internet Marketing Expert. Lesson #1

Have Questions? Need Answers? Keep reading...Let’s first start this discussion by talking about what it actually means to be an Internet Marketing Expert.

Now when I say expert, I’m not talking about the kind who sits around and ‘talks’ about what to do to make money online. There are countless experts out there if that were the criteria. The expert you want to be is a lot different.

You want to be the attention grabbing internet marketer who gets paid for things they have to offer both online and off. These are the ones who can sell millions of dollars in products just by using their name alone.

You’ve most likely bought their videos, their software, their books, systems, courses and more, all in the hopes of following in their footsteps.

Well today is the day to heed some serious real life advice.

You need to not only strive for your marketing goals, but also immediately change the way you look at the internet’s potential to change your life. Simply put, you need to be a part of the club. The ‘insiders’ tend to know more than the general public, and profit nicely from this information.

Here are some famous Internet Marketing Experts and how they got started:

Seth Godin

Like many other marketers, Seth got his start in business school – Stanford, actually. After getting his MBA, he worked in software and book packaging, eventually creating one of the first online marketing companies, called Yoyodyne.

During this time in this business, he began to realize that the market is not a place where one can simply hope for the best. A person needed to have something really special, something that set him or her apart from the rest of the crowd in a big way.

Seth also introduced the idea that many marketers had forgotten: customers matter and they deserve to be respected. When dealing with customers online, Seth pointed out that spamming and other forms of lies were just not the best practices. Customers were smarter online and they had more power than they do in the stores, as they had more options.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary started Wine Library TV in 2006 as a way to promote wines that he loved and to appreciate wine with the help of an audience. Originally designed to review wines and to answer questions posed on his Facebook page, Gary’s audience began to grow. He now has hundreds of thousands of viewers of his daily wine tastings.

Most of the time, he’s the only one in the chair, tasting the wines, but over time, he’s had some other folks help him out in his duties, including Timothy Ferriss. He’s now in a partnership with, which allows him to produce videos about wine which are then distributed to consumers.

As you can see these famous marketers weren’t just born Gurus. You can have every bit as much success as they did if you know the way. Now, if you were able to corner any of these super-successful marketers and ask them what their biggest secret is, what are they going to tell you?

They’re going to tell you ‘The Money Is In The List’ and if you’re not already building your list and emulating successful marketers like these, then you are most likely going to fail, it happens time and time again with beginners.

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