How Internet Marketers Can Make More Money By Marketing Offline

Distributing Fliers for Offline MarketingIf you use only the internet for your marketing then you are only seeing part of the picture. In fact, using only online methods to promote your products and services is pretty bad business sense. There is so much changing in online marketing right now that it would be sensible to mix offline methods into your business; not only will it become more stable but there are more opportunities available to market.

True marketing includes any advertising channels that can generate leads and buyers at a profit. So if you are not including offline marketing then you aren’t doing what real marketers do. When it comes down to it you are in business to make sales. And in order to meet your goals and even surpass them, you need to consider offline marketing as the logical solution. Offline marketing is very simple and you see it all around you; lets look at a few examples.

Distribute Fliers

You definitely want to distribute fliers – what are the limits on this where you live? Does the law allow you to hang them from a home’s front door? Is putting a flier underneath a car’s windshield wiper prohibited? Print up a bunch of fliers for your business (printing and cutting the fliers yourself is a good way save money for this project) and distribute them in whatever way that you are allowed to distribute them.

Next, you want to get the fliers into people’s hands and if you are not afraid you can give them a presell of what your site is all about. You never know how many potential clients you can reach this way. Put a coupon code into the fliers so you can track your success!

At the Library

Try leaving your business card in books at the library. A very effective way to use these cards is to find books at a bookstore or library that are similar to your site and then insert one of them in each book. They don’t want you doing this but it’s easy to pass off as a person who is looking for something to read. There’s should be no concern about getting into trouble with the law; if you get caught they will only tell you that you are not allowed to do that.

In the Phonebook

The phone book can be used for advertising. Internet marketers overlook this basic resource as a suitable place to advertise. Yes, most people have started using the internet to look up phone numbers and addresses and local businesses. No matter the case, all of the large phone books have an online version as well.

Cover both bases. Buying an ad in the phone book as well as listing space is the best way to maximize your exposure in the books. Phone books are still very effective. Marketing requires you to become more creative. The greater majority of people do not spend nearly as much time online as you or I. If you ever have dreams of becoming a millionaire marketer then you need to include offline sales into your system.

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