Ebook Pricing Explained

eBook PricingIt’s always nice to put the finishing touches on a new ebook.  Now you must decide what price to put on it. Finding the best price is essential to the success of your ebook.

If you charge a very low price then some people might think it is of lower value, and they will be reluctant to purchase it. 

If you charge a very high price, then once again you might find that very few people want to buy it.

That’s why choosing an appropriate price for your ebook is one of the more critical components of publishing and selling ebooks. One key consideration is how much your audience can afford.

Don’t forget that price is one of the key components that people will use to judge the value of your ebook before purchasing it. That’s why some experts suggest that you start with a higher price, then launch your ebook with a big marketing campaign and try to get as many sales as possible at the higher price first. You can always reduce the price later.

There is no set formula or method for determining the price of an ebook, since every situation is different. What you really need to do is weigh up carefully your goals before you start to launch an ebook.

Is your primary goal to attract additional customers to your business? If so, then gaining exposure and wider distribution will be more important than the profit you make on this particular ebook. In this case, you should set your price at a lower point in order to maximize the number of ebooks you can sell and distribute. This is a good strategy if you want to acquire long-term customers who will buy again from you later.

Is your primary goal to present some new and valuable information that your readers will have trouble finding elsewhere? In that case you should set your price at a higher level. This is a good strategy if you expect the information to be in high demand and you want to maximize the profit you make within the first weeks of your launch.

These are just a few ideas to help you with ebook pricing. When you want to write an ebook and publish it successfully, check out PublishYourOwnEbooks.com

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